5 Easy Ways to Give Back on Your Big Day

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Although your big day is (and should be!) all about you…you can multiply your warm fuzzies exponentially by using your big day to give back! Here are 5 pretty easy and pretty awesome ways you can give back on your big day:


#1: Donations instead of gifts

Ask for donations to your favorite charity on your gift registry. This one is the easiest! If you are already using an online registry service like Blueprint Registry, you can just set up a fund on there. If not, you can just set up a GoFundMe to collect donations! On this same note, you can also forgo handing out favors (let’s be real, nobody keeps them anyway!) and give contributions to your favorite charities instead!


#2: Donate your flowers after the party

Donate your flowers to a local nursing home - there is nothing more sad than watching countless beautiful bouquets get tossed in the trash. Brighten some old folkes’ days and have someone drop them off at your local nursing homes! You could probably bring them to a local hospital too. Get creative, there are TONS of people who would appreciate this!

#3: Donate the leftovers

Donate your catering leftovers to your local homeless shelter! Don’t go throwing perfectly good leftovers away when there are so many hungry people out there. I’m sure if you ask your caterer they would be happy to work with you on this. Just contact your local shelter and ask how you can coordinate this!

#4: Give back with your besties

Do a bachelor/bachelorette give back day before you go off to your parties! It doesn’t have to be an entire day, but spend a couple hours donating your time to your favorite local charity. Nothing brings friends closer together than giving back together. Plus it will give you some good karma to make up for the shenanigans that are about to go down during the rest of your celebration. (PS Do this before your bach parties… hungover people just aren’t as helpful or fun to do this with)


Photo Credit:  Caroline Logan

Photo Credit: Caroline Logan

Photo Credit:  Caroline Logan

Photo Credit: Caroline Logan

Ok this one is kind of out there and would take some extra effort in the planning and coordination - but how amazing would it be to have your bridesmaids holding adorable puppies instead of bouquets?

I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate puppies into weddings for my entire career as a planner… because… puppies.

What better way than to help some homeless pups find loving homes! The idea would be to have your bridesmaids hold them then somewhere outside of the ceremony (probably during cocktail hour) have the info on how people can adopt them! OR you can just have them hold them for photos, especially if you are having a long ceremony. I freakin’ am in love with this idea. If it involves puppies, the answer is always yes.

P.S. Please share how you or your friends have given back in awesome ways- share your story in the comments! I would love to feature your story in an upcoming article to give other brides ideas on how they can use their big day to give back!