CONGRATS, you're engaged!!

But now what?!?

You've got your messy bun pulled tight, your caffienated beverage of choice, and you sit down with your laptop - you know it's time to start planning. You start going through Pinterest, pinning some beautiful dresses and stunning scenes from your favorite blogs. Maybe you start going through a wedding planning checklist and timeline. But wait a minute...

How much does this all cost?

How do I even begin to make my dream day come to life? Wait, I don't even know what MY dream looks like...

I know I need to hire "vendors", but how?!  

How am I going to get this all done? I have a job and friends and a life....

How am I going to keep this all organized? 


Hi! I'm Kyle James...

Founder of Unveiled

&& I am your wedding planning fairy godmother... well there is a little more to it than a wave of a magical wand, so call me your wedding planning coach. 

Let’s be real, there is ALOT of information out there on weddings. Like an overwhelming amount. So much that it can make planning your dream day seem nearly impossible. 

I owned a wedding planning business in Colorado for a couple of years and after planning wedding after wedding, I realized it does not have to be this big traumatic thing that ruins your life and drains your bank account. It’s actually a pretty simple process.

So simple, in fact, that brides couples totally plan the weddings of their dreams, without the drama and without paying $10K-$20K for a full service planner.

So I created Unveiled -  an online planning experience that erases the stress and actually makes planning your wedding the fun & special time of your life that it should be.

Registration is NOW OPEN

Here's what you get when you sign up for Unveiled:

1. An ecourse that guides you through each & every step of the planning process

You'll learn exactly how & when to book each vendor, the questions to ask to make sure they are a good fit, and what to look for in each contract before you sign.

This course provides you with the unbiased information that you need to be able to make educated decisions that are right for your big day & your budget.

No sales pitches, just information & inspiration.

Each lesson is about 20-30 minutes long and provides you with exactly the information that you need to be able to book each vendor, exactly when you need it.

No information overload - you have a life, you need to plan your wedding not get a degree in wedding planning.

2. Access to our super easy-to-use software to keep everything organized

You will get access to your very own Unveiled Aisle Planner Dashboard that keeps everything organized & pretty.

Checklists, timelines, budget, guest list, vendor info & invoices, worksheets, everything.


3. Lots of love and support from a planning coach along the way

You will have questions along the way. And you should - you've never done this before.

Sometimes you just need to bounce ideas off of someone. And sometimes you need a shoulder and/or some planning therapy.

Your planning coach is here for you. Every step of the way.

PLUS You'll get access to the Unveiled Brides Facebook group so you can connect with other girls going through the process.

Grab your spot now!

Here's what our brides are saying:


Carter & Tiffany

"The Unveiled course was exactly what we needed to plan our wedding. The prospect of planning a wedding was completely overwhelming to us, but this course changed wedding planning from overwhelming and flustering to simple, streamlined and organized. The timeline tools and checklists of "things to do" immediately organized and prioritized our wedding planning. The theme and feel of our wedding was decided after completing an easy five minute worksheet and the budget calculator was amazing! The course gave perfect advice for making our wedding into what we wanted!


Kelsey & David

"I chose not to hire a wedding planner, which was a bit daunting at first once I realized how much effort goes into planning even a medium-sized wedding. This course has been such a helpful resource for me in that it does a great job of breaking down seemingly overwhelming projects into manageable tasks. I'm much more confident in the entire process thanks to the insight I’ve gained through Unveiled and, as a result, my wedding planning experience has been truly enjoyable."