Getting started is the hardest part, it's all new & a little overwhelming.

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Wedding Planning 101: Getting Started

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Hi! I'm Kyle James...

Founder of Unveiled

&& I'll be your host!

I am a Certified Wedding Planner by the New York Institute of Art and Design and I owned a wedding planning business in Colorado for a couple of years. I am pretty much obsessed with this whole wedding planning thing.

I'm hosting this webinar to help you get the ball rolling on this planning your dream day. It can seem daunting and a little scary when you have so much info coming at you at once, so I am going to just talk about the basic things that you need to know so you can stop stressing and start planning.

Once you attend the webinar and complete the worksheets, you will have a solid foundation on which to create the wedding of your dreams!

See you there! xo Kyle James