Three Wedding Budget Mistakes That Will Cost You BIG (& How To Avoid Them)

Literally EVERY single couple I have ever talked to has completely blown their wedding budget, and most of them double or triple it. But why? Here are the top 3 mistakes couples make when dealing with their wedding budget:

#1   They don’t set a firm budget in the first place

Oh my gosh, this is a sure fire way to spend waaaaayyyyy more than you initially planned. You gotta pick a number. And you gotta stick to it.

#2   They don’t allocate it to the specific categories

Maybe you did pick a number, but you never really set budgets for each specific vendor. Here’s what happens when you don’t consciously allocate your budget - you start booking vendors, then your entire budget is blown before you book something that is actually really important to you. But you HAVE to have this vendor…. So there goes your budget. It is SO important to sit down and decide which elements are most important to you so that you reserve adequate budget for those pieces. I would even suggest booking the most important items first, so if you do need to dip into your other budgets, you can.

#3   They don’t keep track of it as they go

Ok, now say you picked a budget and you allocated it, you are like really on a roll here. But then things get busy or overwhelming, and you just start swiping that credit card without tracking how much you have actually spent. Don’t do it!!!! I promise, keeping track of what you are actually spending will make you feel so much less stressed! It totally weighs on you don’t really know how much you have spent or how much you have left.

So how do you avoid these mistakes and actually stick to a budget? Here’s what you gotta do:
1. Set a budget & stick to it
2. Allocate your budget among the different vendors
3. Keep track as you go!

At this point you are probably like "greaaaaat, but how?!?!"

Don’t worry… I have created some super simple worksheets to help walk you through the budget process- how to create one and how to allocate it among the different vendors. It is SO important to take control of this part of the process because it totally weighs on you if you don’t.

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You got this girl!